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plastic bin for alodyneing the center ribs

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  • plastic bin for alodyneing the center ribs

    Anyone found a plastic bin to hold the acid cleaner and chromic acid big enough to do the center ribs ?
    Found a sterilite one but it was a swindle. Label said it was 35 inches long. Rib is 31.5. label was for lid--- NOT what fits inside- ( that was like 29 inches)

    If I made a box from MDF and coated the inside with polyester resin--- would that resist the acids ?????
    Polyurethane varnish ????


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    2x4 or 2x6 "box" on your benchtop with a visqueen liner? Build it as large as you need it that way.
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      I think vinyl ester is better than poly or epoxy for solvents, at least some solvents. How about a glass fish tank, or cut a old 55 gallon drum or propane tank in half?


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        Originally posted by Chris In Milwaukee View Post
        2x4 or 2x6 "box" on your benchtop with a visqueen liner? Build it as large as you need it that way.
        when I was working on my RV build I did something similar...just plastic lined a long box with clips holding the plastic at the edges. But I didn't know the chemicals could burn through the plastic. is there any off the shelf stuff that meets this protection level....or is this special order stuff? is this something Aircraft spruce sells?
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          I've had my acid and alodyne bath solutions in 15 gallon poly barrels for years in a completely dark room without troubles. One end cut out, 6 mil poly sheet over end to cap (depress center and double bungee cords around barrel to seal for storage between uses.) Double dip the center ribs, longer items constant reapplying (best done with warm days and solution to speed it up).
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            100% Keep the solution warm & mix it strong.

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          The best material for containing acids including hydrofluoric is nalgene. This outfit offers 85 gallon tanks... perhaps they’re tall enough to be cut in half?


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            I found a place here on the other side of town -- in the ritzy mall area-- called "the container store". They have EVERYTHING !
            I found the Iris brand plastic boxes for storing wrapping paper rolls. They are about 1/4 inch longer than the ribs and about 2 inches wider and 6 inches tall-- with a snap-down lit.
            PERFECT !!!!!! The stores are all over the country so there might be one near you. I had never hear of them before...……



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              I think you should find good crates or containers that might be suitable for this acid. Maybe you could use the garbage cans I rented when I was renovating from this company It kept a lot of trash from piling near and in the house itself and made it easy to move around. Also, the trash didn't spoil the appearance of our garden. So you should contact them and find out if these trash cans are suitable for your needs. You are lucky if they do because it costs pretty inexpensive to rent such a dumpster. If you do so, write here, I would be interested to know.
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                I used some roof flashing bent in the shape of a center rib to make several tanks for acid,water, alodine.
                d.jpg line with plastic sheet.

                The above shape was to make use of a limited amount of alodine or acid.

                For the capstips I glued 10 foot long pvc pipes cut in half the long way. I added the ability to drain the tanks at the end.
                water entering tank as a steady stream


                My setup had continual flowing water that entered on one end and drained on the other end so I did not have to change water during process

                For the spars I used a pvc sheeting from one of the box stores. The material is in the plumbing department. It was meant for shower pan.
                It can be bought in any length by the foot.

                built in drain at one end of the tank

                Some times I used my vacuum to recover liquid from tray.
                vacuum bottle to reclaim acid, or alodine

                Austin Tx


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                  I also used a 6 gallon bucket and flipped the main ribs around end for end. I only used these tanks made from 6" sc40 pvc pipe for longer stuff like spars, cap strips, cheers