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Windshield installation

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  • Windshield installation

    ​I am fitting my windshield and have some questions. I was fitting it into the top channel and the lip appeared to be too long, I trimmed it down some but after measuring the wings and using the wing template it looks like the wings will be about 1/2" farther out the the windshield. Is this something the fairings will fix and is normal? Or did I cut too much off and need to order a new windshield? I was thinking the transition to that is on the windshield should be close to the channel, but maybe not? Any input would be apprecaited.

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    The fairing will cover that. Once the wings are fitted, make a cardboard template and adjust until it's a good fit. But it'll cover any issues there.
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      You will be just fine. Your wing fairings will cover up anything there. Use some heavy poster paper or something similar to make a template for those fairings.


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        In the plans, drawing #16, top left corner under "Top Former Channel", it indicates that an 0.032 x 1/2 x 1/2 channel should be made and "contored" to match the wing root rib and placed at that location on the fuselage, flush with the outside. I don't know why the QB kits don't have this, but I think it would make attaching that fairing and the windshield a bit better. Probably because it is a tough part to form. Maybe Bob removed this from the later designs, I have plans #1062.