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    I've been working with Daniel at Sport Aircraft Seats to develop patterns for the Bearhawk seats. The great part of his system is that he will be able to send you a kit including everything you need to attach the seat base and cushions to your frames, no need to send the frames up to him. These are for the Companion which should be the same for 4 place and Bearhawk 5 seats. Fronts only for now.
    I'll be sending him a set of Patrol seats soon and he'll get patterns made for them also. Give him a call or look at his site at
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    Nice. I will look into it.


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      He did my seats - very nice! I know he is working on a back seat pattern for the 4-place as well.


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        Would you be able to share any details on how the bottom cushions are secured and account for the sliding of the seat?
        Thanks too much,
        John Bickham

        Los Lunas, NM Mid Valley Airpark E98
        BH Plans #1117
        Avipro wings/Scratch


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          Their web site has a video that explains the process. Not cheap, but appears to be very nice quality. About $820 per seat.

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        Mine secure with some heavy duty Velcro


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          Seat pan is riveted to the frame with the snap base, the cushion and fabric are made to snap into those bases. The seat slides with no interference.
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          • John Bickham
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            thanks helpful