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Unable to access the ‘store’ for merchandise?

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  • Unable to access the ‘store’ for merchandise?

    Is the merchandise store down temporarily, broken link, or closed? Any ideas?

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    Worked for me.


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      Thanks!! I was trying from the masthead link which I couldn’t get to load. I typed in the address & got it!

      BTW - any builders in the Knoxville TN area? My son & I are about to start a 4 place.


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        Thank you for the order Jeffrey, it went out with today's mail. I think what might have happened was that the ad at the top of the page had a link to the store with a regular http:// instead of https:// but I have changed that now so hopefully it will work more universally. If you'd like to come visit, I'm in Hickory NC which usually takes me around 3 and a half hours of driving from Knoxville. I have a 4-place that is currently undergoing some maintenance but will hopefully be flyable again soon.