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  • Patrol For Sale

    I have a project that I realistically will not be able to finish. The project is patrol plans number 250. The fuselage is 90 percent complete and includes the revisions that were released after the original plans were released. It is missing gear, wing mounts and stringers. I do have McCauley wheels and brakes for it. The spars are finished and epoxied. The ribs are fitted to the spars but not riveted to the spars. I was not happy with the fuel tanks so they will not be included. I have all the sheet metal and tubing to finish. There might be enough tubing for another fuselage. I have tools that I will let go with the project including english wheel, stretcher and shrinker. This probably isn't as complete as a QB but I will sell it for a lot less than a QB. I am going to put together photos and advertisement for this soon but I haven't decided on pricing yet. I would be interested in feedback on this from the members here. I can be reached at 775-217-0846. My name is Paul.

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    Hi Paul----- sorry to hear you cant finish your baby-----
    did you build the fuse or did you buy it ?

    I might be interested --- of coarse depending on the price-----

    Can you tell me what state you are in ?

    Tim B.


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      Hi Tim. The project is located in Fallon Nevada. I might be able to arrange a delivery but I'm not going to commit to that just yet. The project is plans built. It has been inspected by several IA inspectors and they all agree that it is well built. I am confident that anyone who knows how to do a good inspection would agree that the work is good. The fuselage is on a rotisserie and the rotisserie will come with the project. I'm not sure how to price it. I was hoping to get some feedback on that here. I've had people tell me that it should be priced the same as a QB kit. I think that would be too much. If someone were to make an offer that seemed fair I would probably just do it. Especially if it seemed like they were the type to follow it through to finish. I am working on getting photos together now and will probably run an add on barnstormers next week. It would be nice if the members of this forum could give some opinions as to the value of the project. Thanks.


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        I think I remember the 4 place fuse factory welded is about 18K$ if I remember right.( without primer and all the little fitting welded on--)
        The patrol might be a bit less because of less tubing.
        I think the tubing kit is about 4300 $ now. So I guess its what you think your labor is worth.....
        You should be able to click the bearhawk icon at the top of the page-- then click parts-- and scroll down to see the factory prices.

        If you post picture...... try to post some good close ups of the welds---- people will want to see that !!!


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          The bearhawk parts icon seems to be a dead link.


          • jaredyates
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            Editing a comment
            Will work on that, sorry!

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          hit the red bearhawk banner at top of this page-- then click on the "models" drop down----
          Just tried it --seems to work as normal.


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            When I hit the banner I get a blank page with "502 bad gateway" at the top.


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            I get that error from time to time-- I thinks it a computer in your ISP's system doesnt like something---- who knows what---