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  • Looking good, Dave!

    Is the small bulkhead on the bottom of the plane at the rear of the boot cowl the way the factory makes it? I recall it was a formed tube on standoffs which was welded on when I made mine.

    Need to make sure it is rigid enough on its own to stand up to the tension of the fabric once installed/shrunk without the boot cowl sheet metal there to brace it.
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    • Hey Brad, I made this bulk head from .040 and attached it to the welded tubing. It is pretty sturdy, I took the tension of the fabric in to account when I made it. I think it will make a smoother transition from the fabric to the aluminum.
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      • Thanks Jay and Frank


        • Great, Dave!

          I didn't know if the tube was there or only the bulkhead.

          It is looking really good!


          • Hey Guys, I have some progress to report, I have the first iteration of my panel done. I say first iteration because Im probably going remake it. As most other things on this build I dont think I have it right unless I do it al least 2 times. I want to rearrange some of the instruments and clean up some things. So here are the pics check them out and let me know what you think.
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            • Frank
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              That's exciting Dave! What is the round instrument lower right "air fuel"?

            • rodsmith
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              Standard configuration would be airspeed on the left, altimeter on the right. Otherwise I like it.

          • Hi Frank, yes that gauge is a air/fuel gauge. I have an O2 sensor in the exhaust. It is recommended by the engine designer as opposed to the EGT gauge to lean the engine. Hey Rob thanks for the tip. Im probably going to redo the panel anyway because I want to rearrange other instruments and do a better lay out of the whole panel. I can swap the alt and the as then. I also plan to remove that big ass switch panel, its not really needed.