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Spark plug clearance on LSA cowl

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  • Spark plug clearance on LSA cowl

    In the process of building the cowling for the LSA. Looks like the clearances are going to be real tight. With the nosebowl centered on the spinner, looks like I will need spark plug blisters or fairings to clear the top plugs. I do have the shorter REM37BY plugs that Bob recommends. I tried raising the nosebowl about 1/2" above the spinner and this does give more plug clearance...maybe 1/4" or so with the plug wires tied down as short as possible. At this point I am not sure which way looks the best...having the nosebowl not exactly fitting the spinner or having fairings on the cowl. Just wanting to see if anyone has any ideas that I haven't thought of.

    Collin Campbell
    Bolivar, MO

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    Hi Collin. For me using the shorter plugs and bending the wires over tight was enough to get it to work. Mark


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      Mark, I am thinking that will work for me as well. Collin


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        This is what I did, different strokes . stinger
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          Stinger, might change my mind after looking at what you did! Beautiful work, looks real nice! Couple of questions...did you make the blisters yourself or buy them somewhere? I like the looks much better than the Mooney/Ercoupe ones. I was thinking I saw some made by the Zenith folks, can't remember for sure. Also, that opening just below the prop I assume is to assist in cooling the engine? I know the Continentals had a cooling baffle on the bottom of the engine. Thanks for the pics...Collin


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            Collin, go to e-bay mjonesr (7186 ) for new Aeronca etc. parts. Yes you are correct on the cooling. Stager the blisters just a little. One side the plug wiring come near the front and the other a little back . They will both come close to looking the same distance back, play with them. good luck Stinger


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              I was just in touch with Bob about ordering an LSA nose bowl and came across your experiences with spark plug clearance. I'm considering and at least want to make accommodations for installing an SDS fuel injection system on my O-200. I can install the injectors bellow on the intake elbows, but Ross suggested the cylinder primer ports near the plugs for cold AK starts.

              Do you guys have any thoughts or suggestions? I'd prefer to stay away from blisters, but it looks like the only way to do that would be making my own nose bowl with more clearance. I've made one before and the CNC makes molds simple, but that's a lot of time compared to using Bob's.

              How have your installs worked over time?