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LSA nearing completion in Brazil

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  • LSA nearing completion in Brazil

    Petty fancy paint scheme on this LSA in Brazil. It is in the city of Americana in Sao Paulo province which was founded by Confederate soldiers who went there to settle after the Civil War. Interesting history.

    It is a little hard to see, but the wings are 70% polished aluminum and only partly painted. The owner, Alex Henriques de Barros, is my distributor in Brazil. He thinks the polished aluminum makes people appreciate the fact that the Bearhawk Alex LSA2.jpgAlex LSA1.jpg LSA has aluminum wings and are not fabric covered like just about everything in the LSA world. Mark

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    Wow!!! its beautiful!!!


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        Really nice! He may have a point about the polished metal, especially since he is so invested in seeing the brand grow. I’m also planning green and white (well, off-white). Thinking about something which kind mimics the Piper Super Cruiser scheme from the forties, but a little smoother and less blocky. This one really looks great. I was thinking of a darker green, but man this one really POPS!