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LSA Basic Fuselage

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  • LSA Basic Fuselage

    I'm sure this is a question I'll reach out to Mark G for but a couple POVs would be appreciated.

    1. How much welding needs to be done on the basic fuselage? Other parts fabricated?

    2. Do you think there is value in purchasing the basic fuselage and buying the landing gear, stabs, elevator, etc. to get a head start on the build but save a little money?

    I'm considering the LSA factory built fuselage on barnstormers.

    Thanks for your input.

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    I bought a basic fuse from Mark. You will have to weld tabs for attaching floor boards, aluminum faring parts and anything else you will need to attach to the fuse.. You can buy everything else if you dont want to build them. That is mostly what I did. But you will need to design your own throttle control system and other engine controls. As well as everything else that you will need. You are almost a scratch builder. Also unless you buy them you will need to fabricate seats and everything else. Its a lot of work. If you have the money buy a fast build kit and be done with it. It will get you flying much sooner. I recommend you talk to Mark about the fuse you found on barnstormers, I have found that you cant believe everything you see or read on barnstormers.


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      Thanks. I've been leaning towards the QB kit. And the Barnstormers thing has been a painful exhausting experience for the last year. I know what you mean...