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weight of tubes in fuse. ?

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  • weight of tubes in fuse. ?

    what I am wanting to know is a ball park weight of all the tubing in the fuselage ------ for hauling purposes------
    I am guessing about 200 lbs ?


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    BOM spreadsheet w/ length, diameter and wall thickness x weight per foot. VR3 has detailed info on the Patrol sufficient to quickly do the BOM and weight calc; turns out to be about 100 lbs for the standard version and around 103 lbs for the seaplane variant, sans leg gear and tail feathers. Crating is additional weight, so talk to your vendor... may be crate or banded pallet, and crate weight increases for 20' vs. 10'.

    Tubing weight calculators are available on the web... put in tube material, diameter, wall thickness, and length to get weight per line in your BOM. TW Metals has one with 4130 already in the materials base. Example is 0.750 x 0.035 at .2669 lb/ft... for the seaplane, 110 ft required for fuse is about 29 lbs bare (and a little more for banding).

    On the four place, if I had to hazard a guess, about 140 due to larger tubing and heavier wall. With landing gear and tail feathers plus excess 15% or so, your 200 lbs is a pretty good guess on weight of banded material with a pallet... more for 20' stuff due to pallet weight.
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      Thanks spruce---
      I am thinking how to haul a bundle of 20 foot tubes--- the total weight it could be---
      Have a 16 foot boat trailer that I could extend somehow-----
      and an 18 foot flat trailer that I have to put new axles and springs on----
      150 lbs would be a minimal load on the boat trailer. But I might have to add some tongue ballast.


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        if anyone interested - I calculated 134 lbs for patrol..... just the tubing.


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          That 134 number sounds about right, as my 100/103 lb fuse tubing estimate did not include landing gear, tail feathers, or the wing weldments (which are pretty light once the sheet bracket weight is discounted). Add gear, tail feathers, and wing weldments in and 130-140 lbs sounds about right.


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            I was just going off one of the lists for patrol tubing. Not sure if it included the tail feather tubing....
            Doesnt look like any sweat for the trailer :-) (weight-wise--)