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    So if someone put a small turbine on a patrol like the rv 10 has how fast could it fly ? Is it a structure issue or a control issue at a higher speed ?


    • zkelley2
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      Speed has little to do with horsepower and most to do with drag. I'm sure you'd gain a good many knots if you cruised in the upper teens on o2, but down low where these airplanes normally live it'd be a rather small cruise increase and a crap ton more fuel burn.

    • Bdflies
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      I sat right seat in a C206 Amphib with the Soloy turbine conversion. I could not believe the acceleration and climb angle! When asked about speed, the owner explained that the original VNE still applied, so as long as it wasn't 'indicating' past red line - you were good. Might be good up really high, but I sure wouldn't want to be at VNE down low in the bumps.
      It WOULD be fun to have that takeoff thrust and beta, though!


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    I am getting ready to have the arcs on my airspeed indicator labeled and I am not seeing any full definitions in the forum. I have the white arc as 41 to 100 mph, max flap speed. The green arc is 48 mph to Vno which I haven't seen defined. The Yellow arc would go from Vno to Vne, the never exceed speed. Anyone have suggests for these missing numbers?