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Oshkosh Winner Bearhawk For Sale

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  • Oshkosh Winner Bearhawk For Sale

    EAA Airventure 2013 "Outstanding Craftsmanship Award" winner Bearhawk 4 Place For Sale

    427 TTAF / TTSN. A beautiful 10/10 inside and out. Hangared in Goodyear, Arizona and has been carefully flown and meticulously maintained
    Asking Price $146,000

    I have been lucky enough to own Georg Himmeroeder's beautiful Bearhawk for the last year. This is without a doubt the best equipped, best built and most capable Bearhawk flying today. It has been an absolute joy to fly it for the last year. I am advertising here on Bearhawk Forums first, since many of you know Georg's airplane from articles and interviews. Please see the specs and photos below. I will be glad to provide more information upon request. Please contact me directly: Karl 623-826-6281

    Bearhawk N152GH equipment list:


    GARMIN GTX 327
    GARMIN GNA 340 Audiopanel wired for four seats
    AUX Audio Input for passengers
    Blue Mountain EFIS/two with GPS and XM weather (if desired)
    Dynon D10 A
    Approach FASTSTACK avionic hub
    EIectronic International Engine Monitor UBG16
    EIectronic International MUX 8A Data recorder
    EIectronic International Manifold Pressure M1
    EIectronic International RPM R-1
    EIectronic International Dual fuel Level FL 2
    EIectronic International Oil Press/Temp OPT 1
    EIectronic International Volt/Ampere VA-1A
    SIRS navigator compass
    ACK 406/121.5 Mhz ELT


    Electrical Trim 2 Axes (reversible if trim runaway)
    ROSEN sun visors
    RED/White LED flood and Map lights (can be changed by switch)
    Oregon Aero leather seats (heated)
    RED/White LED flood and Map lights
    Electrically locking inertia reel Hooker Harnesses (Military Style)
    Overhead panel with dimmer for flood and map lights as well as Instrument lights.
    All electrical functions on copilot stick can be switched of if flying with kids
    Cabin heat
    Walls vinyl

    Engine and Fuel system:

    Lycoming Thunderbolt YIO-540-D4A5 260HP/2700RPM
    BC460H B&C 60 Amp Main Alternator
    BC410 B&C 20 Amp AUX Alternator
    Sky Teck lightweight starter
    B&C LR3C/14 regulator (2)
    Dual DC bus
    Dual batteries (EarthX LiFePo)
    Vetterman exhaust with mufflers, Andair OIL/AIR Separator,
    Andair fuel selector and checkvalves
    Airflow Performance Fuel Injection with FM200 fuel controller
    GAMI injectors
    Two MAIN (25Gal/ea) and two AUX (11Gal/ea) fueltanks
    Airflow Performance Fuel Boost pump package
    Airflow Performance Alternate air duct for RAM air or filtered air,
    Lightspeed Engineering Dual Electronic Plasma III Ignition
    Three blade MT Constant Speed Prop MTV-9-B
    Engine preheater

    Aeroleds AEROSUN landing/taxilights,
    Aeroleds PULSAR Strobe/NAV
    MATCO Brakesystem pilot and copilot
    26” Goodyear tires
    Alaska Bushweels baby bushwheel tailwheel
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    That's a to-die-for machine! Good luck with the sale!
    ​Christopher Owens, EAA #808438
    Project "Expedition"
    Bearhawk 4-Place Scratch Built, Plans #991
    Bearhawk Patrol Scratch Built, Plans #P313
    Germantown, Wisconsin, USA


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      Thanks Chris. A couple people have asked why I'm selling. I am buying an aerobatic aircraft to continue my progress in IAC competitions and need to free up hangar space (and money). Otherwise, I'd be keeping this airplane forever.


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        SOLD! The new owner flew her home today. Sad to see the airplane go.


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          Congratulations on the sale! Someone is getting a humm-dinger of an aircraft.
          ​Christopher Owens, EAA #808438
          Project "Expedition"
          Bearhawk 4-Place Scratch Built, Plans #991
          Bearhawk Patrol Scratch Built, Plans #P313
          Germantown, Wisconsin, USA


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            Did the person that bought this airplane wreck it? Anyone know the story?


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              Looks like a ground loop causing right gear collapse resulting in some wing damage...
              Patrol plans #398


              • robcaldwell
                robcaldwell commented
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                Do we know if this BH had the streamlined type oleo landing gear struts, or the improved round tube type?
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              • Russellmn
                Russellmn commented
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                No clue, all I know is what's in that report I linked.

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              Was it repaired? Is the new owner on the forum?


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                Yeah, I'm curious if this was repaired. Same thing happened to our four place this week. I'm wondering if the new gear wouldn't have collapsed...


                • zkelley2
                  zkelley2 commented
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                  Probably not, but almost certainly you still would have bent a wing. The key is not to ground loop. Very few airplanes by luck alone survive a ground loop in tact.

                • marcusofcotton
                  marcusofcotton commented
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                  Ouch. Sorry to hear...

                • robcaldwell
                  robcaldwell commented
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                  Jon - Very sorry to hear about the incident with your 4 Place. Is there anything you can share about the experience that would benefit the Bearhawk community? I think I've only heard this happening to the 4 Place. Did this occur during touch down... rollout... taxing...? Obviously a result of side loading? Thanks.