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New Run of "I've Got Plans" T-shirts, Custom Colors

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  • New Run of "I've Got Plans" T-shirts, Custom Colors

    It is time to order another batch of our popular "I've Got Plans" Bearhawk t-shirts.

    If you aren't familiar, here are the details:

    When we do an order, we can get custom colors. Here is a chart that shows the colors the shirts are available in:

    If you'd like one, please send an email to and let me know your size and color choice, and whether you'd like for me to send a Paypal invoice, or use another method.

    Shipping for one shirt is usually around $4, and two or more is about $7.

    Please let me know by October 22nd.

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    Also, we had someone ask about getting the art printed on a long sleeve shirt, which of course is an option too.


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      Anything similar for the Patrol?
      Jim Parker
      Farmersville, TX (NE of Dallas)
      Patrol Quick-Build Serial # P312


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        If we can get a dozen shirts worth of pre-orders, I'll create a Patrol version.


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          I'd be in for two Patrol shirts in 3XL. Anyone else?

          <EDIT> Changing my mind... I'm in for two short-sleeve pocket Ts, and one long-sleeved one. (3 total)
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          Jim Parker
          Farmersville, TX (NE of Dallas)
          Patrol Quick-Build Serial # P312


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            I am in for one Patrol shirt.
            Brooks Cone
            Southeast Michigan
            Patrol #303, Kit build


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              I'm in for 2 Patrol shirts. Any chance of a T-shirt with a pocket? Us old dinosaurs need a pocket for reading glasses....



              • jaredyates
                jaredyates commented
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                Yes, help me remember about that if/when we assemble the order.

              • Bcone1381
                Bcone1381 commented
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                I love a Pocket Tee!!

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              Two Patrol


              • #9
                One thing this old guy in the South likes is a V Neck, I find them to be cooler and the V is a great place to hang your shades or reading glasses. I will take at least one in XXL.


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                  still time to get in on this?
                  Steve Nicholson
                  Lafayette, LA

                  4 Place Scratch build #1377 in progress (Wings)


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                    A little late on the 4-place, still looking for a few more to do a Patrol.