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No announcement yet. is expanding with a new vinyl cutter!

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  • is expanding with a new vinyl cutter!

    It's an exciting time over at, we have a new vinyl cutter! In the early days we always farmed out the vinyl graphics, and it sure was a hassle getting everything together. It was hard to customize things. Now we can do these jobs entirely in-house, which will give us much more flexibility. We can do:
    Paint masks - We've done batches of the "Bearhawk" logos, but now we can do them to-order, any size. We can even make masks for you to paint your tail numbers. Stick on the special temporary vinyl, spray your paint, then remove the vinyl and be amazed.
    Vinyl graphics - This can be the "Experimental" word in 2" high letters, the "Built from Scratch" add-on, custom-sized Bearhawk logos, etc, all in a variety of colors. We'll also produce some Bearhawk logo stuff for other applications, like your car or toolbox.
    We might even try some one-off custom heat transfer on clothes, especially kids clothes which are extremely low-volume and thus hard to stock otherwise.
    This new machine can only handle one color at a time, but we can stack colors for some applications. Maybe we'll make another run of the "Bearhawk Parking Only" signs if folks are interested.
    If you can think of anything you'd like to have, please reach out to or 828-308-1543 and we'll get it done!

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    That's exciting Jared! Thank you!