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PM3000 Intercom

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  • For Sale PM3000 Intercom

    This is a great intercom for the Bearhawk, especially the 4-place. It has optional isolation for the pilot (the other three are talking with each other), or the two front seats separate from the two back seats. There are two music inputs so that the back seaters can have their own audio. It has very good noise cancelling circuitry on the mic channels. I removed it when I installed an audio panel with a built-in intercom, which is the main reason why you might not want one of these. The face plate isn't exactly the right part, because it doesn't show the "crew isolate" position of the little silver switch, but the switch does have three positions. The manufacturer would sell a new one for $30 but I never saw it to be worth the trouble. Price is $100 shipped.
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    Hi Jared,

    I'll take it. I'll PM you with details.



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      ........Always a day late or a dollar short!! Those are good intercoms. I have the same one in the 172 but it will go with the plane when the time comes. Y’all