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Patrol Seaplane Quick Build kit - Alaska

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  • Patrol Seaplane Quick Build kit - Alaska

    Not started. Job changed, and I won’t be in a position to dedicate the time I wanted to invest in this project for at least a few more years. I don't want to keep it in storage til then, so this is best option right now...for me, and for an Alaskan that wants a good deal on a great winter project!

    In addition to 100% of the kit contents delivered from the factory, the following additional parts are included, (and my approximate cost, with receipts)
    -Steen stainless flying wires (~$950)
    -Complete hardware kit (pulleys, fairleads, nuts, bolts, cables, etc… ~$1,200)
    -Bearhawk Tundra Tailwheel (~$800)
    -Windshield-Solar gray w UV protect (~$235)
    -Rear brake Master Cylinders ($140)
    -Rubber engine mount isolators (~$245)
    -Aurora rod end bearings (~$285)
    -3 Curtis drain valves ($42)
    -Shipping to Anchorage, AK … it’s already here! (~$5,500)

    Asking $50k for everything.
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