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2020 Bearhawk Calendars are Ready to Ship!

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  • For Sale 2020 Bearhawk Calendars are Ready to Ship!

    This year's calendars are ready to ship! Each month features a flying Bearhawk, with details about the airplane on the page below. We've pre-populated the date grid with a few of the more popular fly-ins. You can order yours here:
    Or send $15 via paypal to, or just about any other way you'd like.

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    Just got the calendar and she looks great! Love the bonus at the end, too I’ll keep my mouth shut on what it is to help spur purchases!
    John Wiltberger
    Model B - #1544B
    Maricopa, AZ


    • jaredyates
      jaredyates commented
      Editing a comment
      We will know what you are doing if we don't hear from you for the next hour.

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    Another awesome calendar as always Jared! And thanks for the unrequested downward adjustment in the total order calculated shipping charges!


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      Hey Jared

      Same question as previous years; how do you want to handle us Canucks purchasing calendars?

      Maule M5-235C C-GJFK
      4 Seat Bearhawk #1078 (Scratch building)
      RV-8 C-GURV (Sold)