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FS: Bob Wheels and Tail Spring - $750

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  • FS: Bob Wheels and Tail Spring - $750

    Up for sale are two Bob tailwheels from Iron Designs and a tail spring. I bought a T3 suspension system for a spring replacement. Turns out the mounting pad is 1 3/4in wide. The Bob wheels have a 1 1/2in mounting pad. I spoke with Bob about modifying them to fit, but we both agreed the welding necessary to modify them would likely distort them to where they would be unusable. So, I'm selling both wheels and going all in for a baby bushwheel from Airframes Alaska. The Bob bushwheel has been used but is in very good condition. It will need to have a friction bolt installed. Eric Newton does this on his and included is the necessary bronze bolt and installation instructions. Asking $750 for everything. You are basically buying a new 10inch tailwheel with a spring and getting a bushwheel in the deal. I'll pack and ship for actual cost.

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    I’ll take them, PM sent


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      I had the T3 mount pad narrowed to fit the bob bush wheel


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        I had thought about that, but modifying anything on a part such as the T3 makes it a one-off item, diminishing any resale value in case I have to sell it later on.