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Bearhawk framed artwork

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  • Bearhawk framed artwork

    One of our ex-workers at the kit factory makes this artwork. He made several about 10 years ago for me, Bob, and a few others. Recently, he made two more for a man who noticed Bob's at his place when visiting for the Fly In in October. One of his Patrol, and another of his RV. If you would like one made for your plane - you would need to provide a good picture. Cost is $135 + shipping from Texas. Get in touch privately if you would like to order one. I offer this to help the artist who I always liked and respected. Mark 20200111_185259.jpeg

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    Did you ever think about making a Bearhawk-themed aircraft Data plaque?


    • jaredyates
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      This is something I could do, if there was enogh of a consensus about the design.

    • jim.mclaughlin924
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      I would be a buyer

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    They are nicely done, beautiful workmanship. I had one made about 13 years ago