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Antenna Kit for a Scratch Builder.

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  • Antenna Kit for a Scratch Builder.


    I am offering for the cost of shipping to a scratch builder (in the United States) an unused Dipole Antenna Kit by RST Engineering. I decided to install two dipole antennas that were manufactured (by Advanced Aircraft Electronics (AAE)) rather than building the Dipole antenna myself. This kit has CD with the RST build manual, copper tape, and balun material to build several antennas. I think its reasonable to have enough to build an ELT, COMM, NAV and Transponder.

    The AAE provided data on installing these Antenna internally in a Bearhawk tube and fabric fuselage suggest to me that the vertical Stab, and the left fuselage behind the cargo area as best practices.

    This AAE site has better, more specific, information on Dipole antennas installation in tube/fabric aircraft.

    Price is firm. But if your household income has been effected by the Coronavirus, I will cover shipping cost. If interested please personal message me. First come first served. No Kit Builders until after March 23rd due to my interest in supporting the "Spirit of Scratch building."
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    Brooks Cone
    Southeast Michigan
    Patrol #303, Kit build