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FS: Parker Beading Tool Set 416 - Sold

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  • FS: Parker Beading Tool Set 416 - Sold

    Thought I would throw this out to the BH group before I listed it on ebay. I have a Parker Hand Beading Tool Set No. 416 in its original wooden box. The set appears to be complete and in excellent condition. The box lid is very nice with the original white stenciled logo and the instructions on the reverse side. Tools are clean, no rust. The additional mandrels appear to be in their original packing with cosmoline on the steel. The tag inside the box indicates that it spent at least part of its life in the Air Force inventory at the 832nd Specialized Depot in Topeka, Kansas. How it ended up in Alaska is anyone’s guess. It’s in wonderful condition for being almost 68 years old! Just goes to show that quality tools are always worth the investment. Asking $200, including shipping in a flat-rate box.
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    I’ll bring them back to Kansas!


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      Cool! Send me a check...

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    Tool is sold. Thanks...


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      That is a beautiful set. I was lucky to be able to borrow some just like yours.