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  • Builder Needed

    I just bought a Bearhawk Patrol and need to find someone experienced that can add a few things to it for me. I am located in the NW Corner of Indiana. If you know of anyone please let me know.

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    Welcome and congratulations on buying a great airplane!

    Most of us builders here are not certificated A&Ps so we won't be able to help you out other than making suggestions here. Legally, unless you are the builder and have a repairman's certificate listing the N number for the plane, or have your A&P certificate, you can't do any more than FAR part 23 (at least I think it's part 23, my FAR-AIM seems to have disappeared) lets any owner/operator do to a certified airplane, so your best bet is to find a local A&P. It's not that nobody here wants to help you out.
    Rollie VanDorn
    Zanesville, OH
    Patrol Quick Build


    • zkelley2
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      This is completely false.

    • Rollie
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      Yup, I guess I got it wrong. I spend a lot of time with A&Ps and they like to tell me what I can and can't do with my plane for some reason and I guess I lost track of what's right even though I know they are usually way off when it comes to experimental.

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    Anybody or their dog may work on an experimental amateur-built airplane. An A&P or original Builders repairman certificate are required for inspection sign-offs.


    • JimParker256
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      Plus 1 to Marcus' comment. Anybody can do anything to an experimental, other than signing off the annual condition inspection... For that, you need the Repairman's certificate (generally issued to the original builder), or an A&P (no IA required for experimental).

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    Thank you everyone for the good advice! I appreciate it.