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Patrol Parts (Ribs and Spars)

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  • For Sale Patrol Parts (Ribs and Spars)

    I started a Patrol scratch build project in 2006. Life intervened and the project has languished to the point I don’t think I’m going to complete it.

    I have all ribs (wing, pocket, flap, and aileron) cut and formed. (I also still have the templates I used to rough cut and route the ribs and the form blocks pound them out.) I bought spar material from Mark Goldberg at AVIPRO. That material was the formed webs for the main spar, rear spar, flap and aileron spars, and trailing edge material. I think the price was around $2,500 but that was too far back for good recollection. Mark could probably provide a current value for the raw stock.

    I got spar cap material for the main and rear spars. I cut the main spar caps to length, etched and alodined them. I made joiner and attachment pieces, and temporarily fastened the main spars together with bolts and some clecos on a long table with provision to keep all the parts aligned. I also have the chromoly strut attach fittings formed and primed. I also have my plan set.

    The main spar is still temporarily assembled in full length and disassembly would be problematic while keeping all the parts located and oriented for reassembly with the holes matched. Full length shipping would be costly.

    The materials are all in a hangar in Ramona, CA and located where they can be viewed. Make me an offer. Send questions to . Cell is (619) 218-3319 but I don’t answer unidentified numbers, so text, leave a voice mail, or use e-mail. Some pictures available.
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