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WTB - Looking for Patrol

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  • WTB - Looking for Patrol

    Hello, I am in search of a complete Bearhawk Patrol to purchase. They seem scarce on the open market, so I figured that I’d post a message here. You can trust that it will be in excellent care when I find the right bird.

    Thanks much!

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    I was in your shoes a little over three years ago looking for a 4 Place. Couldn't find one. Now I'm almost finished building mine. Just to set your expectations, be prepared that Bearhawks rarely see the open market. When they do, they go for top dollar and sell within hours, if not minutes.
    Rob Caldwell
    Davidson, North Carolina
    EAA Chapter 309
    BH Model B Quick Build Kit Serial # 11B-24B / 25B
    Build Log:
    YouTube Channel:


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      Three for sale now on Barnstormers, 80k,110k,195k, take your pick


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        Sorry, should have looked at the title, Patrol not 4-place

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      Rob, I have been slowly accepting that I may have to go down your same path. I’ve seen quite a few of your build videos. Looks like you will have quite the machine shortly! Nice work!