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    I've got a shipset of main spar wing root spacers for sale. I cut these on a mill and they are made to very tight tolerances. I had an end mill ground to cut the inside radius. This is the hardest part to fab in the Patrol main spar. Above is the blank with all critical surfaces cut, below is a finished detail part ready for install. The wing attach hole is precisely located and drilled to #40. Removing the remaining excess can be done on a bandsaw. Material is 2024T-3 plate per print. $75.00 OBO plus shipping. PM me.
    PS; Note the cailper reads .0035 fat on the capstrip lands. The parts were fabbed at 70 degrees or so, today the shop was 90 plus. The caliper probably also grew but its steel so less so. My guess is the parts are .001 to .002 fat in this area.
    Patrol #30
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