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WTB: Patrol Plans

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  • WTB: Patrol Plans

    I would like to purchase a set of Patrol plans.

    Yes, I called R&B Aircraft. After speaking with them, I sent them a check, which they never cashed.

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    I think you would be well served to call Mark Goldberg
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      Perhaps the letter got lost on the way? In any case, while it is inconvenient and you shouldn't have to go to the trouble, if you aren't feeling motivated to get it sorted out, I worry about the scope of similar inconveniences that you'll face in undertaking such a big project.


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        As there always is, there's more to the story. I'm not scratch building a Patrol; I purchased a damaged Patrol that I'm working to put back together. R&B seemed hesitant to sell me plans for an existing aircraft. After some leg work finding the original owner and asking for him to contact R&B, I finally got the "mail us a check" answer. Maybe the letter got lost in the mail, but I suspect that may not be the case.

        Given the situation, I thought it might be worth seeing if someone had a set they've decided not to use that I can purchase.
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          Update: R&B got back to me, and I think we're making progress on completing the transaction.