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    Hi All,
    I'm in the market for a pair of wingtips for my 4-place. I called TQ but the soonest they could deliver was April '22 and I would prefer to be flying before then.

    I have the original airfoil, but am not necessarily opposed to trying a B-model pair. My preference would be for someone who has made Hoerner tips to make another pair and sell them to me, but I'll consider anything. Shipping would be to Dayton OH.


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    Thats what Im thinking of doing. I think Mike Silvernagel might know where to get them made.


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      Bob sells wing tips for the Model B, either fiberglass or carbon for a little more. I understand a few people have used them on the original airfoil, I have no idea what the fit looks like but apparently it can be made to work. Having built my own Hoerner tips, I wouldn't count on some one building you a pair. It is not that hard to do, there is very detailed info on the forum, but it takes a lot of time, about 110 hrs in my case. You could install some flat plates until TQ gets you a set.
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        What/who is TQ?


        • jaredyates
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          TQ is the fiberglass company that makes the wingtips for the original 4-Place. Since I have a Beartracks open in the other window, here is their contact info: T.Q. Fiberglass Products, 7930 US Hwy 522, McVeytown, PA 17051 717-899-6038