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1st flight-Canadian Bearhawk Patrol C-FZLY

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    Well I have 11 hours on my Patrol now and am really enjoying it. My heavy wing issue was fixed by the washer trick and one of my flaps needs a turn out on the tie rod. It now flies hands off. The Dynon HDX system is incredible and the autopilot works perfectly. Ive never had autopilot in the past, just a wing leveller in my 185 so having some fun learning the system. I still dont have fairings on the gear legs or struts and still running 26" bush wheels. I just want to get hours on it as up here in Canada I have to fly 25 hours within 25 NM of my house. Once that is done, I can apply to have my restrictions removed. Last night, 5000ASL, 24sq, gave me 145mph indicated. My temps are coming down as I break the engine in and my Gami spread is within .2 so Im very happy with that. I'll share videos in the coming months as we start playing with STOL work. Now that I have a Patrol and the 4-place sitting there staring at me, my biggest decision is which one to fly.


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      How inspiring. What a gorgeous build. Cannot wait to see video. Good luck with your break in and flight testing.
      Bill Schmanski
      Erie, CO - 7CO0
      (303) 520-6171


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        Thank you Bill. If any of you are on Instagram or facebook, please look me up at Bearhawk_canada. I have a couple videos on there now and that's where all my pics and videos will be posted in the future.