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Aileron carry-through cable wear (worn out)

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  • Aileron carry-through cable wear (worn out)

    Hi everyone,

    At our 500hr check, we identified that the aileron carry-through cable has been wearing out. It rubs on the inner-most rib of the wing (the double-rib) where it passes through a small hole in the rib.

    I thought about upsizing that hole during the build, I now reget leaving it small. Builders may like to increase that hole to at least greater than the typical 1/2" diameter.

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    I think I bolted a nylon wear plate to the rib to protect the rib and cable.


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      That's a good idea.
      Some of my nylon fairleads caused my rudder cables to wear out, so I am in two minds about nylon vs. control cable right now.


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        I didn't like the looks of the cable passing through the small holes so I made some small nylon fairleads. I left a small groove with my parting tool then used it to wrap safety wire to keep them in place, I think it took 3 wraps to fill the groove? I'll attach a couple pics. sm fairlead1.jpgsm fairlead2.jpg


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          Was this a stainless or galvanized cable?


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            This is a stainless steel cable, 19x7 cores, and it will be replaced with galvanized cable of the same spec.


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              Hi...i am a new user here. As per my knowledge the ailerons are usually the most time-consuming system to rig. When rigging the ailerons, a long, straight piece of metal, about the size of a yardstick, is first placed across the tops of the control wheels and secured in place to keep the wheels neutralized together.

              turnkey pcb assembly
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                Control wheel? What's that?
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