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Final Inspection- Bearhawk Maint Schedule

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  • Final Inspection- Bearhawk Maint Schedule

    Hi All, does anyone have a Maintenance schedule built for there Bearhawk? I have a POH that has an extensive annual but not interval maintenance and its something that our Canadian MDRA requires I submit. Was hoping someone has something so I wouldnt have to build from scratch. Any help would be appreciated

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    Here is a good guide for an annual condition inspection


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      The ckeck list starts at app, D


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        Scheduled maintenance programs for commercial aircraft (Airliners to bizjets) use a process called MSG-3. This process is actually 4 separate programs that cover Structures, Systems & Powerplant, Zonal and Lightning HIRF. The Systems and Powerplant program uses a system function/failure approach...not a component or hard time approach. This approach allows an individual operator to tailor the maintenance requirements to their type of operation and environment. In other words windshield wipers in the desert and in the tropics may have different inspection intervals.

        For example a 747 has 55K functions...2100 maintenance requirements as an example. A Bearhawk doesn't have that many it won't have anywhere near 2100 requirements for the entire aircraft.

        Companies like Textron (Cessna/Beech/Bell) are driving this process into their smaller aircraft.

        I think there are enough flying Bearhawks to build a program of scheduled maintenance requirements and tasks, that would cover all the variations of engines, airframe modifications and even avionics. If enough people were interested, I'd dig up some material on this and we could kick it around and build a "Bearhawk Forum" dataset that could be used and tailored by anyone with a Bearhawk. One major thing a good MSG-3 program needs is fleet "opportunities" like Jared tail brace, are great inputs to the program. Bear in mind that Service Bulletins and Airworthiness directives are scheduled maintenance how does someone track and manage that? You can with a MSG-3 type program.

        Certain data would need to be established so we could all communicate effectively such as a standardized ATA, Zone definition and component naming convention. I put together an ATA to organize my build on my project, using the standard ATA 100 and iSpec /2200 tables.

        Just chucking out an idea...feel free to email me, etc...

        Andy Johnson


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          ATA stands for?

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        Airline Transportation Association which has been superseded by A4A “Airlines for America “

        It a numbering system so you can track major system, sub system and components within the system...Boeing invented it in the 1930s so different countries could communicate data (flight and maintenance manuals).

        for example chapter 28 is Fuel Systems
        28-10 is Fuel Storage (tanks) and 28-10-01 could be a baffle or rib...differs from manufacturers to manufacturers.



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          Will this help? This is the generic Annual Inspection schedule for Non-type certified aircraft in South Africa.

          NTCA Annual Inspection Schedule.pdf