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What's in your Bearhawk tool box?

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  • What's in your Bearhawk tool box?

    Yesterday I canceled a trip because the destination was a long ways away and I didn't feel prepared. A major part of that unprepared feeling was my lack of took kit in the plane. So I'm working on assembling a light as possible, heavy as necessary kit to keep in the plane.

    So, other than a credit card, what's in your tool kit?

    Scratch Built 4-place Bearhawk. Continental IO-360, 88” C203 McCauley prop.

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    I carried a minimal kit in my Maule flying in the Alaska bush. A couple spare spark plugs and the tools necessary to change them. A spare main tube and tailwheel tube and tools to change them along with a battery powered air compressor. A few wrenches and screwdrivers and a small assortment of AN3 and 4 hardware, windshield cleaning supplies. Whole kit was about 20 pounds. Never had a flat, changed two fouled spark plugs, but that was on a round trip from Alaska to NY state. Did replace an AN3 bolt holding the stabilizer strut that I caught on a preflight, before taking off from a gravel beach.
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      In addition to wrenches for AN bolts, I would want wrenches/crowsfeet for flare nuts in case of a leak. Silicon plumbers repair tape for a leak you can't fix. Gorilla tape.


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        To add -
        A stick of the ultra high temp jb weld that you can stick on an exhaust leak... or anything else non structural to get home.
        at least 1 pair of knippex pliers. Those are about as good as a whole wrench set.
        Stainless zip ties, .041 safety wire, safety wire pliers. Speed tape.
        Almost the whole airplane is an3 and 4 so certainly 3/8 and 7/16 sockets and wrenches. Screw drivers.
        Needle nose pliers
        Electrical tape and some wire. Wire strippers/cutters/crimpers. Wire nuts are not for airplanes except when they suddenly need to be. So a couple of those. A few electrical terminals of the type you used.
        A good assortment of bolts in those sizes plus a bunch of washers to make them the size you need.
        A good assortment of larger hose clamps, they're good for lashing things.
        spare tube(s), or slime if you're running tubeless. Small pump that can either be powered by your battery or has its own.


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          A pair of cotton work gloves and a pair of heavy vinyl gloves. I have one of those screw drivers that has interchangeable tips, that store in the handle. I carry 6" and 10' adjustable wrenches. A couple of zip-lock bags, to put screws/nuts/stuff in. Fold up allen wrench set. Probably most useful of all, is a roll of Gorilla tape - as has been mentioned before. I've mentioned it before that I have a 'jump box' that will start the engine, even if the master switch was left on for a couple of days.

          Over the years, I've had occasion to work on planes 'on the road'. I've never failed to find a helping hand or a needed tool, while at airports. There are good folks willing to help everyplace I've been. On the other hand, a fouled plug on a remote airstrip - where you've been enjoying solitude and no cell service - could be discouraging....



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            I plan on carrying the biggest lithium jump pack I can find. It will be wired into the electrical system for extra capacity, but not engine starting. It will be easily removable, to jump start somebody else, or maybe me.

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          Great ideas! I'm still making a mental list but when I get my kit together I'll be sure to share.
          Scratch Built 4-place Bearhawk. Continental IO-360, 88” C203 McCauley prop.


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            Hold on, do we have two toolbox threads going on right now??

            Huh - we have -

            Jon gets the honour of being first
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