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Rudder control cable wear - 200hrs

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    Originally posted by Bdflies View Post
    I've been thinking about this subject. I'm not so much interested in the technical cause of the accellerated wear, but rather how to prevent it. It seems that the wear everyone is reporting is in the nylon fairleads. A thought occurred to me; What if I put a nylon sleeve, say a length of 1/4" nylaflow tubing, over the cable where it passes through the fairlead? Might need to bore the fairleads a bit, to allow a loose fit. That's not a big deal. A slit in the tube would allow slipping it over existing cables, then fasten it with a snug tie wire clamp on the ends. The nylon sleeve is fastened to the cable and slides through the fairlead. This way, the cable is protected. If the tubing wears, it would be pretty easy to replace and I don't have concerns about sleeving the cable.
    I haven't done this, but it sounds like a good rainy winter day project. I'd like to hear all of your thoughts!

    You would need to be able to move the cover to inspect the cable underneath. Who's to say whether the nylon sleeve wouldn't rub like a fairlead does.


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      Good point Battson. I can't speculate about whether the tubing sleeve would cause cable wear. I'm thinking that the tubing would act as a 'protective sleeve', because it would be tightly wrapped around the cable, in intimate contact, thus eliminating the high frequency impacts of the cable in the fairlead. The nylon tube/sleeve might impact the fairlead, though. To inspect the cable, one would snip off the safety wire clamps and slide the sleeve away from the protected area. If all looks good, return the sleeve to it's protective position and wire it back on.

      Would this "prophylactic device" eliminate cable wear? I don't know. Would the nylon tube sleeve experience wear in the fairlead? I don't know.
      Discussion of this phenomenon has me closely watching my cables. Only 55 hrs on the Patrol and I can see "polishing" of the cables through the fairleads. I'm also seeing black residue in the fairleads. Nothing scary at all, but I'm seeing some evidence of the phenomenon. Other than replacing every fairlead with a pulley assembly, I don't have a clue how to eliminate the wear. Don't even know if pulleys would be any better. Something just seems wrong here, but I don't know enough about the intracies of the system to know what. Has anyone experienced accellerated wear at pulleys?

      I think I'm going to sleeve a few fairlead passages. Might even sleeve the left side and leave the right side bare, just to see if it makes a difference. In the meantime, I'm listening closely!