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Bearhawk 4A 1st Landing at Hidden Splendor

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  • Bearhawk 4A 1st Landing at Hidden Splendor

    Here is a short video on my first landing at Hidden Splendor in southern Utah.

    Made a two and a half day trip in the middle of November. It was too cold to do outside work today, so wasted the day trying to learn video stuff.

    Those of you that are familiar with GoPro's and wide views know that the rocks are bit closer than they appear in the video!!!

    Merry Christmas to all, and to all a GOOD LANDING!!!
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    Thanks too much,
    John Bickham

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    Neat video and breath taking scenery. Thanks for sharing!


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      Great video and some beautiful country to fly around
      Scott Ahrens
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        Hidden Splendor is a cool spot! The landing is way fun and the departure is intense. Thanks for sharing the video.

        Years ago my wife and I flew our Luscombe into there for a weekend of camping. We played in the creek a bit and walked down to the old uranium mine. I didn’t clean off my sneakers good enough and set off the radiation detectors at work the following Monday.
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          Great video

          Hidden Splendor is one of my favorite spots
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            Great video John. You are getting better at making these. Mark