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Michel Roy's Bearhawk 4-Place Flap Lock

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  • Michel Roy's Bearhawk 4-Place Flap Lock

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    Jared, I visited with Michael and his nephew at Oshkosh, enjoyed their company and found his "flap lock" very interesting, simple and functional.


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      Thanks Terry…

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    Thanks Jared for sharing.
    I’ve been using this lock for the last 5 years. Take few seconds to put in place/remove. Very simple to make and cost almost nothing.
    I used some aluminum brake line tubing (~12 in) and lacing cord (~3.5 ft)…left over from the build. Thread the cord thru the tube and make couple of knots at both end of the tube. The idea is to “capture” the tube, so the knots won’t slip inside the tube when you pull on the cord. There should be 1ft, or so, of cord left of both side of the knots. Just tie the cord together and attach a red flag (remove before flight). That’s it.​