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Companion wing spar Parts

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  • Companion wing spar Parts

    Hi all

    Finally getting close to starting on the spars for my Companion. With life, well, being life (stupid busy) I decided to have the intricate 0.125 & 0.063 spar parts CNC cut by a local AME (A&P) here in Kelowna. Rob is a full time AME who also has a small home based business providing precision CNC cutting of aviation parts. His price was very reasonable and the quality is top notch. I estimate having him cut these parts saved me at least 10-15 hours of work in the shop. if anyone else is interested in having rob cut some parts he can be reached at

    I've attached photos of the final product I received from him today, the unpainted spacers he saved and cut today allowing me to see his CNC in action.

    Super excited to get going on the next step with this project. Having so much fun with this build.
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    Rootster, looks good. Did you drop off the material or does he source it? Do you mind sharing the cost? I think your estimate is probably right, with saving times on forms probably saves 15 hours of work.


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      NSLaw, I paid $400 for the cutting and $31/sq.ft for the 0.125 material and $22/sq.ft for the 0.063. For those builders in the US, your dollar goes much further with the exchange right now too.

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    A great time saver! My only caution is to be sure you are happy with your rivet edge distances where those fittings neck down. I wasn't, having made my original fittings at net size per plans. YMMV but I remade a few.
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      Mark, I increased the edge distance on mine, and confirmed those distances with Rob before he cut the parts. I'm a designer/draftsman for a living and have redrawn the spars and all the fittings in CAD to confirm all the dimensions and clearances. When I fist laid everything out in CAD I noticed the edge distance was a little light for my liking. Bobs drawings are good, for hand drawings, but my draftsman OCD would not allow me to just take measurements off his drawings and go with it.


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        Be very careful changing anything and I mean anything in the spars. Changing something now can have dire consequences downstream when you have to move somthing else. It's all downhill from there. Bob does not like having his rivet patterns screwed with. He once ripped my a** when I suggested giving the first capstrip rivet on the fwd spar more edge distance. Build per print.
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