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IO-540 model

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  • IO-540 model

    What sub model would you recommend for the model 5?

    I have a lead on a good IO-540-K1A5

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    Raymatos. Send me a pvt message, I did some research on that particular model with Lycoming. I’m happy to share my findings. I believe the L1C5 is the easiest install but there might be others.


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      Regarding codes of specifics engines, and if they will work...

      If you think you want a new engine, just I'd call Mark. He will Know. If you think you want an overhauled engine, I'd just call Bob, he will know. Learning the variables that are available is an education. Trying to understand what the lycoming codes mean....I need a cheat sheet. I think you will too. When you talk with Bob (and I presume Mark) he talks layman terms like "Governor drive, Vacuum pad drive, type of engine mount, type of cylinder, etc." If I am going to take a gamble and buy something I think will work, I will probably discover the hard way why it was such a good deal. I consider this a specialty field, and when we build some things get delegated to trusted folks in that field.
      Brooks Cone
      Southeast Michigan
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        Robert, who responded above, has been searching for an engine for his Model 5 and seeing what the possibilities are. The IO540-K1A5 has a rear facing sump. You need a forward facing sump like the L1C5 has. That is the issue as there are very few 300 HP 540's with forward facing sumps. We are working on alternatives but nothing concrete yet. Mark