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Measurements for garage clearance

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  • Measurements for garage clearance

    Hey Mark Goldberg, Or other knowledgeable members,

    Thought I’d bother you publicly, to make it searchable on the forum for others.

    I’m looking to check clearances before setting up the hangar/shop, that is T shaped. Would you be able to get two measurements of the model 5 prototype, X distance from spinner tip to trailing edge of wing and the Y distance from the lowest point of the wing to the floor? Absolutely no rush, no immediate shop purchases are at risk.

    Thank you!
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    I do not have the prototype Model 5 in my hanger to take measurements for you. I believe the fuselage is 19 ft long from the firewall to the tailpost. The rudder and engine/prop make it longer of course but by an amount you can estimate. Height is not so critical unless you are going to put your plane on 35" Bushwheels. I would suggest at least a 10 ft tall door.

    You can never have too much room in a shop or hanger. Mark


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      Agree, you can never have too much shop/hangar room. However my T-hanger, sadly won't grow. I have a 9.5FT door... I wanted to check if a 60 gal air compressor was going to get in the way if I tuck it in the back corner of the wing part of my T-hangar. From the 19ft reference I think it should be ok.. Do you know if the model 5 will be at Sun N Fun?


      • Mark Goldberg
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        I do not think the Model 5 prototype will be at SNF. We do not work SNF. Mark