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    Hello everyone! My name is Daniel Apotrosoaei , I am from Corona, California . I drove to Fairview OK about a month ago and picked up my Model 5 QB . Currently I am flying my RV-8 that i finished building in Nov 2018. The excitement is at maximum since I LOVE building and spending time in my shop.The progress is great and fairly easy, so far ,to work on the Model 5. Working now to figure out the best and simplest location for the headphone jacks , wires,servos etc

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    Welcome to the forum. A lot of great information is shared here and I am looking forward to what you have to contribute.
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      Welcome! Keep us updated on what you decide on. In the 4-plqce my favorite spot for the back seat jacks is in the former under the aft door jamb of the front doors. I also put a 12v cigarette lighter jack in that same spot on each side. Front seat jacks are on the outboard corners of the panel.