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Texas STOL RoundUp Bearhawk gathering

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  • Texas STOL RoundUp Bearhawk gathering

    The Texas STOL RoundUp starts on Saturday April 23. The competition starts pretty early. So best to arrive in Llano the afternoon before (Friday).

    But I would like to invite everyone in the Bearhawk community to come on out to my ranch before that on Wednesday or Thursday. 3 or 4 flying Bearhawk owners have already expressed interest in attending. So if weather cooperates - we might have good attendance. Probably for Thursday evening I will make arrangements for some Texas BBQ for everyone. There are motels about 15 minutes away. Everyone is also welcome to camp at my ranch if you want.

    About 500 ft of my runway has been torn up by the wild hogs recently. But I have been working getting it smoothed out. Tailwheel planes should be fine. But planes with the training wheel should probably land at Giddings/Lee County (GYB). We will come get you. About 12 minutes drive from the ranch. The identifyer for my ranch is 9TE7.

    All are welcome whether you are flying, building, or just thinking about it. Mark (cell 512/626-7886)

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    The organizer of the TX STOL Roundup asked me to post this questionaire. If you are planning to attend, please help them by filling this out online:

    Also - here is their facebook page:


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      There are two four place Bearhawks from the west coast planning to attend Mark's gathering. I am hoping to coax a few others along as well. Pat


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        We might drive over for this, we are expecting a baby at the beginning of the month so it might not happen though, will know closer to the time.

        Mark, can you double check your survey link, it doesn't work for me?
        Steve Nicholson
        Lafayette, LA

        4 Place Scratch build #1377 in progress (Wings)


        • Mark Goldberg
          Mark Goldberg commented
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          I will check the link. You must be the builder that Ron Burleigh has asked me about. You should get in touch with Ron. Mark

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        Hey Mark,
        Any updates on the gathering at your place for Thursday? I'm planning on driving in for the day, then heading to Llano Friday. Frank


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          hi from Aus. There are some results on Facebook for the Texas stol group.

          I worked backwards and got the regos and did the American FAA rego search and found your LSA and Patrol entered the competition. Currently the sheets on the facebook page only give you results, the pilot and the rego, not the aircraft type.

          Did your big 4 place Bearhawk N303AP get entered or did any other 4 Seat Bearhawks?

          The reason I ask is the video from the 2014 competition show incredible performance for the 4 seater especially on takeoff. I liken it to two magnets with same polarity working 'firmly' against each other. The 4 seater just repelled from terra firma with quite a bit of force and gets airborne...truly remarkable stuff.

          I hope the pre 'fly in' at your ranch went well. I was in NZ about 2 weeks before you touring the south island with my family....

          regards Peter
          #1134 4 place plan


          • Mark Goldberg
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            My 4 place did not compete nor where any others present at the competition. Mark