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7th Annual High Sierra Fly In

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  • 7th Annual High Sierra Fly In

    Any bearhawkers going to High Sierra Fly In this year? I would love to get a look and some pictures (I'll be the guy in the 182 wishing he had a Bearhawk).

    Enjoy the world's largest backcountry fly-in the the scenic desert of northern Nevada. Join us at "Dead Cow" lakebed on Private property for camaraderie, bonfires, stargazing, a hosted BBQ, and of course backcountry flying adventures and STOL Drag racing.   Drive in directions:   Pilot Info:  Event Info and SignUp: This year we are anticipating a very good turnout. In order to prepare and have actual number counts for caterers we need you to sign up. Suggested donation is $60 per person. If you would like, you can always donate more and its very much appreciated.  Click HERE to Pay Pal ($60 suggested donation) to HSF The fly-in includes: Dinner Saturday night with Guest Speaker John Council “Jughead” and his story about bailing out of his fighter at supersonic speeds. ALL firewood throughout the 3 days, porta-potties, etc. Sunday breakfast is also included.  * T-shirts will be for sale for $20 * Hats will be for sale for $20 If you would like to pay with check/cash at the Fly-In , please still register (by email click here) so we can make sure you are accounted for. Schedule:Wednesday * We will be at Dead Cow Lakebed setting up starting on Wednesday the 19th. Thursday * 9:00 am - pilot breifing, Fly outs and more set up.  Friday * 830am Pilot briefing * 9am- launch for Breakfast at BODAD then flying fun Saturday  * 9am  STOL Briefing * 10:30 am STOL DRAG * 4:00pm Traditional STOL * 730 dinner - bonfire - guest speaker - awards Sunday * 7am breakfast then fly home STOL Drag / STOL Registration All competitors MUST send an email here to sign up for STOL DRAG and traditional STOL.

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    Wish I could!


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      High Si3rra videos are a guilty pleasure of mine on the BCP web site and other outlets. I'm going to get out there one day!
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      Project "Expedition"
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      Bearhawk Patrol Scratch Built, Plans #P313
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        As a follow up, I got to meet up with two bearhawkers at the fly-in. Mike Creek and Cathy Page. Thanks Blackrock for talking to me about your plane and build (this is Paul), bummed I didn't get the time to take you up on your offer of a ride.


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          Blackrock is a great advocate for the Bearhawk. He is realistic and happy to share his experience. He gave me a ride in his BH and hooked me on them and I think he did the same with Z. He was also very helpful and provided great advice when I was working through the phase one testing of another Bearhawk. Might be a good thing you didn't have time to go for a ride😎
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