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UPDATE Campout - flyin Texas HAS BEEN POSTPNED TO NEXT weekend MAY 7,8,9.

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  • sjt
    I found this info from critterslodge:

    "food will be available for all meals including drinks and desserts. dinner on Friday evening starts about 6:30pm. Breakfast, lunch, dinner on Sat, and also Sunday morn breakfast.
    Meals are offered on a donation basis. We ask for a min. of 10.00 per person, as food and supplies have become so high.
    I am sorry, we accept only cash as we do not have credit card availability.

    We will post any cancellation on our web site,. but general we do not cancel unless it is to be REALLY BAD so get here ASAP...."

    "We normally allow campfires. Firewood, is just picked up in the woodsy areas on your own. If we have a tree
    that died and we cut it down to prevent accidents we may stacked an area for a large fire and for wood to take to your campsite. However, if the county calls
    for "fire ban" we then would not have any campfires...... but that is pretty unlikely as it has rained quit a bit this past week.. "

    sjt p284 Austin Tx

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  • PropMan
    I'll be there. Unfortunately, not in a plane this Spring. Hope to fly to their Fall flyin in my LSA tho.

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  • UPDATE Campout - flyin Texas HAS BEEN POSTPNED TO NEXT weekend MAY 7,8,9.
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