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Tripple tree. SC

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  • Tripple tree. SC

    Any bearhawks planning to attend this year?
    I think a few of you are "local"

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    I'm confused... Is the TT event in August, or September. I'm seeing posts on FB and elsewhere about 8-14. However, the TT website says 9-20.

    If on 8-14, I will probably do a day trip down there.
    Rob Caldwell
    Lake Norman Airpark (14A), North Carolina
    EAA Chapter 309
    Model B Quick Build Kit Serial # 11B-24B / 25B
    YouTube Channel:
    1st Flight May 18, 2021


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      The big event is September 20-26, and I think the 14th is just a lunch. I will try and stop by in September if there is a nice weather day.


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        I’ll be trying to attend. Just moved to Greer to build and waiting in line for my QB kit 😁
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          Hopefully there will be a few bearhawks there!


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            Our Bearhawk project is not flying yet. The wife and I are planning to drive in and camp Friday-Sunday. We typically try and wear some type of Bearhawk gear. If you see us, feel free to stop by or hang out.

            Stephen B. Murphey
            Bearhawk LSA
            Building #L-089


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              Wish we could be there. We are right in the middle of trying to get moved. Have fun guys! Maybe next year.


              • sbmurphey
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                Best of luck on the move Dwayne. Be sure and post pictures once you get a work space set up.

              • DwayneBailey
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                Thanks, Stephen. Will do.