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Bearhawk BBQ @ OSH22 - Passing the torch

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  • Bearhawk BBQ @ OSH22 - Passing the torch

    Good morning all,

    I've been hosting the BHBBQ at Oshkosh for the last buncha years (I've lost track) and it's time for me to pass the torch onto another of you able-bodied aviators. If you're interested carrying on the tradition, let me know and I'll provide the contact information for the food provider we've been using (Festival Foods in Oshkosh) and what to expect.

    Happy Bearhawking to you all!
    Christopher Owens
    Bearhawk 4-Place Scratch Built, Plans 991
    Bearhawk Patrol Scratch Built, Plans P313
    Germantown, Wisconsin, USA

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    To help with the numbers, I just bought my flight and tent camping tickets. I'd be interested in hosting one day, once I'm up in the air... but to help with passing the torch, I can help setup/tear down!
    For myself and others (who've never experienced a Bearhawk BBQ), would you please elaborate on what hosting one entails?


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      Hosting a meal is pretty complicated, having a more simple gathering is better than no gathering. I'm not going to be able to make it to the show until the weekend which keeps mebfrom being able to help much this year.


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        In the past Chris secured the spot, set up tables, got the grub, set up seating for about 16. I'd say about 46 show up for grub, so 30 bring there own folding camp chairs. Chris did a nice job at keeping things simple, easy, low stress in my mind. We sit, eat and visit until the skeeters come out. It never rained. No budget, just a free will offering.

        If someone takes this on 100%, awesome. With that being said, Many hands makes for light work.

        I want nothing to do with securing the spot.

        There is a good chance (93% probability) I can borrow & transport two or three 8 foot tables from my church to put the food on. 20% chance I can bring 8 chairs (small uncomfortable hard folding chairs) or a single awning like Chris has (he had two).

        Do we need an awning like Chris supplied in years past? putting that up violates the simplicity rule, securing the spot and two helpers, but rain unpredictable and shade at times essential.

        Better idea.... Does any one here have any contacts at EAA front office? I wonder if the Camp Scholler Chapter Pavilion is available for something like this? Every morning they have a chapter picnic here. I have no idea what goes on there at dinner time.

        Screen Shot 2022-06-08 at 12.48.14 PM.png
        Brooks Cone
        Southeast Michigan
        Patrol #303, Kit build


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          I just talked with EAA. No Joy, The Chapter Pavilion is being used tuesday night.

        • triumphantduke
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          I like the no stress approach. Is there significance with Tuesday night? The pav sounds like it'd be worth it any evening/night it is available during airventure. Even though you voiced to have nothing to do with securing the spot

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        Over the years we have tried several different attempts at working with the EAA with similar results. I usually have some input about my work schedule but circumstances this year have me stuck with more working than usual, and also some uncertainty. If no better options materialize a week or so in advance, maybe we can cook up something very informal like a meeting under somebody's airplane or something. There isn't a strict requirement to stick with Tuesday but because there are so many things going on during the week, changing the schedule can upset the delicate equilibrium.


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          I have been exploring a couple possibilities. A camp ground near the show has a pavilion where they offer drinks and some limited food. He wanted $500 for us to be there a couple hours. And it would be open to everyone - meaning his customers and everyone in the public. I asked him for a better price since that sounded like a lot. He said he would get back to me but hasn't.

          A local friend in Oshkosh is inquiring about some of the city parks that have good facilities. But that would be off airport so to speak. So it would be more challenging to get everyone there. But it seems doable. I should hear about whether that might be an option for us in the next day or two.

          Let me know what yall think of that idea. Mark


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            The EAA will let us meet at our booth as long as we do not serve food or drinks. Everyone please let me know if this is the best option. We could meet 5:30 to 6:30 or 7:00 and just get together to visit with everyone. Mark


            • robcaldwell
              robcaldwell commented
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              That's a great idea, Mark! Maybe call it a "Bearhawk Builders Open House", and then off to a meal and drinks after 6:30.

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            Sounds good to me Mark. We could always go for food and drinks afterwards, for those who wanted