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Flying to UT from NH

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  • Flying to UT from NH

    Looks like I will be flying our Bearhawk to UT, departing NH on Wednesday morning. I trying to arrive at Happy Canyon on Sunday morning, along with the family that is flying into SLC on Saturday. The primary goal is a 2 day, 1 night hike Monday and Tuesday down the canyon and slot to the Dirty Devil. After that we have our eyes on Mexican Mountain as time allows. We need to be back to the SCL area by Friday evening so that the Wife and kid can catch a plane back home on Saturday. There isn't a lot of flex in the schedule and we will be prioritizing hiking as much or more so than flying, but if there was a chance to meet up with anyone on any of the round trip, I'd be interested.‚Äč


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      Thanks Jared and Kestrel I would be happy to meet up. I bounce from Heber (where the airplanes are kept) to Vernal depending on the day of the week. I am just finishing up a condition inspection on the Bearhawk. Kestrel, in the neck of the woods where you'll be flying Huntington (69V) has the best price on fuel. Although I fly out of Heber (KHCR) don't stop there for fuel. The city just implemented landing fees for non-based aircraft and fuel there is $8.15 a gallon. Send me a private message on this forum and let's see what we can work out. Terry


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        Sounds like Heber is trying to kill their airport!