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Cheap Firewall Passthroughs

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  • Cheap Firewall Passthroughs

    image_9904.jpg If you need a stainless firewall passthrough for all your wires, consider stainless closet rod holders. 2 for $7.00 off of Amazon plus free shipping. Add fire sleeve and a couple of pipe clamps you might have lying around (I do) and you have saved enough for a nice dinner since Spruce sells almost the same thing for between 50.00 and 80.00 each. And yep, they're nicely welded on the back side

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    Good tip. 👍


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      Also look at new production American Champion Aircraft firewall pass throughs. They build a simple clamp system and coat the opening with the RED RTV material which is fire resistant.


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        I made my own with some 4130 tubing and some plate and painted it. Just takes a little welding.


        • Mark Dickens
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          Now that's the way to do it. Unfortunately, while I can do a passable job of MIG welding, I am not yet up to that level TIG welding.

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        I used thin wall hardware store SS (K&S) tubing and plate for a few small ones and blast tube attachments. I made the round tube go thru the flat piece by about a 1/16", and Tigged that extra 1/16 as filler. Pretty easy. My hands aren't steady enough to add filler on a weld puddle that small.