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Sun visor

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  • Sun visor

    Tube mount sun visor made by Axia Alloys in AZ ( Not inexpensive at $129 but very well made. Nice fit in a Bearhawk and only takes a minute to install.

    IMG_3820.jpg IMG_3817.jpg

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    Greg, looks nice. What size did you order? How did you measure for the top tube mount?


    • gregc
      gregc commented
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      I got the 12" narrow mount version. They have tube mounts for all the common sizes so I checked the plans to confirm T21 is 1.375. The main difference between the narrow and wide versions is the distance between the tube clamps (9¨ or 13¨). The constraint on the airplane is the location of 1/2 diagonal tubes and I thought the narrow version would allow a bit more left/right adjustment.

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    Nice find. We may have to take a look at offering those.


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      I ended up getting the Rosen Universal Arc system, but they aren't cheap by any means. That looks like a good alternative.

      Rosen Sunvisor Systems provides incredibly engineered sunvisors for an array of markets including aircraft, automotive, rail, military, first responders and marine industries.


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        Ram Mounts makes a nice visor that has greater flexibility than the Axia Alloys. I don't know how expensive the Rosen is, but they are too ashamed to list it publicly.

        2024-03-07 16.38.37.jpg 2024-03-07 16.37.48.jpg 2024-03-07 16.38.55.jpg


        • alaskabearhawk
          alaskabearhawk commented
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          A quick google search came up with around $600 for the Rosens', so no mystery there. Those RAM visors look great.

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        Good stuff here, I am certainly interested in the best non-Rosen option
        Revo Sunglasses Ambassador


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          Didn't know Ram Mounts made a visor, great price. On their website you have to enter visor, in search to find it.


          • Bcone1381
            Bcone1381 commented
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            Originally posted by rodsmith View Post
            Didn't know Ram Mounts made a visor, great price. On their website you have to enter visor, in search to find it.
            Here is link.
            This 13" x 8" precision laser cut cast acrylic sun visor offers ideal blockage of glare while ensuring no obstruction or distortion of view. The dark grey 50% tint is ideal for blocking sun and glare in a variety of applications. The RAP-393-G1U includes a B size (1”) ball which can be connected to any B size (1”) RAM®

            Another view point that Rods's idea sparked. Buy the fitting, and then I can fabricate one to an exact size I desire.
            RAM® Mounts is the industry leader in rugged motorcycle and car phone mounts, rugged tablet mounts for trucks, forklift mounts, and more. Find the perfect device mount for your car, truck, motorcycle, plane, forklift, snowmobile & many more.