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Bearhawk Safety and Operational Updates

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  • Bearhawk Safety and Operational Updates

    Keeping the people in the Bearhawk fleet safe is the most important priority in this hobby!

    To that end, here are some safety-related protocols for all Bearhawk operators.

    Bob Barrows is the best point of contact for any design-related questions, such as structural repairs, material substitutions, and similar matters. He is available by phone at 540-473-3661.

    When Bob has released updates to the designs, they are posted in their original form at, and you can sign up there to receive email notifications for new updates. These updates are also usually discussed in this section of the forum.

    There is a similar category available at for matters related to kits produced by Bearhawk Aircraft.

    If you have a safety or operational concern that you think other Bearhawk operators should be aware of, you can report your concern at

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    Jared, the changes you have made have really improved the functionality and search ability for dinosaurs like me.

    I’m sure I speak for all of us in saying that we are very grateful for the time and effort you put in to this.

    Thanks very much.


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      Thank you Jarred