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Window frame angles

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  • Window frame angles

    There are small angles which hold the window material between the angles and outer trim pieces on the window frame. Technique shown in the build manual uses epoxy of some sort to secure them. Any suggestions on the particular epoxy to use and or other techniques? (Screws come to mind, possibly rivets, though not sure there is enough room to set them) Open to all suggestions or thoughts. Thank so much.

    Dave from Maine

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    Do you have a photo? I'm not sure which window your describing.
    Brooks Cone
    Southeast Michigan
    Patrol #303, Kit build


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      Brooks, here is a pic of what I was asking about. Decided to screw the "backing angles" in versus using an epoxy. First window took me at least a couple of days to figure out and proceed. Did the second window yesterday in less than 6 hrs start to finish.

      backing angles in window frme.jpg backing angles in window frame.jpg left window done.jpg window frame.jpg