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Steel rear window channel window installation

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  • Steel rear window channel window installation

    IMG_3643.jpgIMG_3644.jpg Can anyone give me a little guidance with the rear window installation on an A-Model QB? I can't tell how I'm supposed to get the window in the channels. Same situation for the left rear window and the baggage door window. There's a channel that looks like it should capture the window on the top, bottom and rear but there's no way to slide it in from the front. The channel ends at the front against the door post.

    Am I missing something here? Is the window flexible enough to wiggle it into that channel?
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    I trimmed the front a little so that I could ease it into the channel at the forward end and then slide back into the rear channel. Has left me with a gap of about an inch at the front so I'll have to make some sort of cover once i get the fabric done.