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Canadian builders Bearhawk 5 number of seats

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  • Canadian builders Bearhawk 5 number of seats

    What follows only applies to Canadian builders...

    I got a clarification from the mdra today on the number of seats allowed in a experimental in Canada

    the airworthiness manual is a little confusing. With limitations and exceptions ...

    i would like to commend the Mdra for answering my email within a few hrs... even thou they are closed due to covid

    im copy pasting here what I got today from the mdra

    the short of it is... we can put in as many seats as Bob says is ok...

    the 3 plus 1 ....refers to pilot and 3 old limitation that has been changed... but is still listed in the I wrote in to get a clear understanding


    The CAR's chapter 549 does state only 3 plus 1 seat in an amateur built, however the Exemption from section 549 that came into affect in 2004 permits more than 3 plus 1 seats.
    The Exemption removes the minimum seat and limited gross weight as specified in 549 to actually be unlimited. This means the number of seats and MTOW is governed by the aircraft designer.

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